Welcome to BIU!

Support, Tutorials, & Translations

Thanks to B1A4PR for the time and research that went into helping us create this presentation!

Maybe you're a new bana and would like more infomormation, or a seasoned BANA looking for ways to support B1A4... either way, this is the right place!

There are many levels and types of support we encourage.  We have tutorials for everything from Daum Fan Cafe to Comeback support.  Please visit each page for information on how you can help B1A4 and show them how much internatioal fans care!

Also, you can visit the Translations page for documents and articles about B1A4, WM, and OMG that have been translated into English and other languages as well.

For new bana, be sure to have a quick look at the Presentation below.  This provides all the information you could want!  Thanks to B1A4PR for researching all this information into one complete file!!