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Past Projects

Jinyoung's Rice Support for "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds"

August, 2016

Our Jinyoung Support project was a fantastic success!  We were able to raise enough funds to nearly double what we did for CNU's Chess Rice Support.  We hoped to be able to get bigger each rice support, we definitely did that!  We raised approx $1,600 USD and, after fees, we were able to purchase the Rice Support and Banner for 1,500,000 Won!   

Malgeumi's Pack - CNU Birthday Project

June, 2016

The CNU Birthday project is complete and was a total success!!!  We have worked with CARE in South Korea and have sponsored 20 dogs and will aid to get them adopted in South Korea!  Below is the Korean version (English will be posted soon) of the book that was printed and delivered to CNU for his birthday.  Thanks so much for everyone that supported this project!  We will make a huge difference in the lives of 20 animals that are considered "hard-to-adopt" in Korea and bring some well deserved happiness to them.

Please visit the CARE Animal Project page to see animals available for adoption in South Korea, link to their bio's on twitter, and help us help them get adopted!


5th Anniversary Charity Project

April, 2016

Again this year, we decided to go large!  We asked all BANA everywhere to assit in our global charity project.  We also purchased some smaller gifts to give to the boys along with a subbed version of the charity project documentary.

BIU's B1A4 5th Anniversary Charity Documentary... by banaintlunited

Three Musketeers Food Support

April, 2016

We were able, for the first time, to complete a food support project on our own!  BIU gifted all cast members and staff (100 people) with a light afternoon meal with a custom printed BIU bottle filled with a healthy pear juice drink specially blended to keep the vocal cords and throat healthy for performances.

Sandeul Birthday Project

March, 2016

This year, for Sandeul, we created a book and charity project.  BANA from all over the world send in special messages with photos of their pets, suggestions of food, etc. and we collected funds to support an animal shelter in Busan, his home town.  We raised more than $250 US Dollars and donated, printed the book, and delivered it to WM entertainment.  See the pictures below

Jinyoung Birthday Project

December, 2015

For Jinyoung's birthday this year, we had BANA from all over the world send in a special message and an MP3 of a favorite song they thought he would enjoy.  We compiled all the songs and had them burned onto a CD as well as printed a wonderful book with translated messages to Jinyoung from all over the world.  See some of the pictures below!

Baro Birthday Project

September, 2015

BIU gathered messages and fan art for Baro's special day and created a memorative book that was hand delivered to WM Entertainment, wrapped nicely, just for him.  

GongChan Birthday Project

August, 2015

We were able to raise over $400 to donate to a low-income assistance fund with St. Carollo's  hospital in Gongchan's hometown, Suncheon.  This fund will be used for families or shelters with children that have need of emergency or medical care but are without the funds to do so.  We will keep this fund up year around so that BANA who wish can commit to a regular monthly donation or just do a one-time donation.  

CNU Birthday Project

June 16, 2015

(click image for a larger view)

We raised more than $2,500 in cash and items to support the Heemang Orphanage in Chungju, CNU's hometown.  This orphanage is small and supports 46 children currently. Because it is out of the way, it is not often supported by many sponsors or volunteers.

More pictures will be posted soon from the visit to the orphanage with the staff and children.

Because of the MERS problems, our military company was not allowed to leave the base to do everything we wanted to do, but we were able to provide them with everything they wanted on their wishlist as listed in the above picutre.

A plaque commemerating the donation in CNU's name was delivered to WM Entertainment along with a letter of support from BIU and all the birthday wishes collected during the donation period.  The plaque is also pictured above.

To further aid this orphanage in CNU's name, we have made arrangements for the Army Wives of Camp Humphreys to visit the home every couple of months to spend time with the children, help out where possible, and bring more donations of food, clothes, and needed household items.


CNU Support - Chess the Musical

June 15, 2016

(click image for a larger view)

We raised more than $850 to send CNU the wreath we wanted!!!  This wreath was on display at the Sejong Performing Arts from June 15th until the end of the first performance on June 19th.  We were one of only eight support wreaths allowed by WM Entertainment for CNU :)  Congratulations CNU!!!


Jinyoung Support - Warm & Cozy Press Conference

May 8, 2015


B1A4 4th Anniversary Project - Like the North Star

April 23, 2015

To see full details of this project, visit www.bana4thanniversaryproject.com