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How to Register and Join BANA Fan Club / Fan Cafe


Now that the 3rd Generation Official Fan Meet has completed, WM will soon open up registration for Official BANA Membership.
Why not be ready to go?  You can follow the steps below and be prepared for buying your official membership with the B1A4 Fan Club!

***Videos below are subbed in many languages and are from 3rd Registration*


OKDGG Registration Tutorial (Where you will purchase overseas membership)

Purchase Tutorial for Official Fan Club Membership (from 3rd registraiton)

Daum Registration Tutorial (Prior to Fan Cafe Registration)

Fan Cafe Registration Tutorial

Fan Cafe VIP Level Up Tutorial (After Membership Purchase Confirmation by WM)

Fan Cafe Level Up Tutorial (with answers to questions)

Fan Cafe Chat Room Tutorial

Important Information:

1. YOU CAN NOT order multiple memerships at the same time to try and save on shipping.  It does not work.  It will charge you, and the order will complete, however you will get no email from WM regarding your membership, etc.  You must order one membership at a time, and it would be best to do so with different OKDGG accounts as well.

2. If you made any errors in your purchase, it can be cancelled and redone prior to June 22nd, 2015.  You will need to log into okdgg.com and get your order number.  Then you will email help@okdgg.com and request a cancellation of order ######.  

3. When it requests your Official Fancafe ID, they want your DAUM ID, not FanCafe nickname (I don't know why they put it this way either!).  If you entered your nickname in error, just like me, you can email ask@wmstore.co.kr and use the form letter below to give them your proper information.  This form letter is ONLY good for changing your Fancafe ID and has been translated into Korean for everyones use.  Click on image below to download a WORD document to copy and paste into your email.

????? ?? ? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ? ? ??? ???? ?? ?????? 
FAQ ???? ???? ?????????? 
??? ??? ?????
???: bookloverschair@gmail.com
??: Heidi Lyon
??? ID: heidi_lyon