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Baro's Birthday Project - The Legend of BatBaro

In a world full of obstacles, drawbacks and unfairness, we need someone strong on our side. Someone we can put our trust into. Someone that looks out for us. A partner, a savior, a hero.

This year, for Baro’s Birthday, we want to show you a new side of him. A part of him that the world has never witnessed before, yet a very impressive one. In 2016, we proudly announce “Cha Baro, the superhero”, aka “Batbaro”, always alert to save BANA with the help of his sidekicks.
Baro and the other B1A4 boys have become the protagonists of their very first B1A4-related comic, ready to leave BANA around the world in awe on their heroic journey. Not only will Baro be a hero on paper, he’ll also make his move in real life! BIU will help raising funds for a charity in our lovable B-type rapper’s name in using all the earnings from the comic book sales.

As a superhero and a member of B1A4, Baro is someone to look up to, someone that cares for people. He is a role model that inspires young artists. We found a program that delivers culture and art to children excluded from cultural and educational opportunities due to financial and regional challenges. This program is called “Green Umbrella Dream Orchestra”, funded by ChildFund Korea.

We will be taking donations from August 15th through September 30th. We will be delivering this comic to Baro which will include messages from the donors that answer the question, “Why is Baro a hero to you?” Please keep your responses to a simple one or two sentences.

ChildFund Organization focuses on supporting child survival, protection, development, and advocacy for their rights. ChildFund Korea is an organization dedicated to providing a distinctive and standard welfare service to every sector regarding children. Since 1948 they continued to ensure happiness of children around the world for 60 years. Together with social welfare history in Korea, ChildFund has been a leading organization nurturing a culture of giving.

It’s in 2010 that they started the Green Umbrella Dream Orchestra, aiming to help children in a small village in Jeolla-province. Now it grew up to be a full-sized orchestra with about 180 members. It even expanded throughout the nation, namely in Seoul, Busan, Cheonan, Daejeon, Pohang, Changwon, Ulsan and Jeju. By 2012, 736 children in 9 regions nationwide, including choir members, have been enrolled in music programs. Music has become a powerful tool to boost courage and self-confidence of children, which has brought a positive change in children’s lives and their social relationships.

We hope you are exited for this project! Please, wait for the comic book release and join us in this amazing charity!
Let’s show that Baro is our Hero!

All items will be shipped at the end of the donation period once goods have been received.
The printed comic book with also contain exclusive content only found in the printed book.

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