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BANA International United is a group consisting of administrators of International B1A4 Fan Clubs around the world, translator, and dedicated staff members. We work together to promote B1A4, OMG, and WM Entertainment and complete projects for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, and other charity projects that they inspire.

We officially formed BIU with the help of many fan club admins wanting to work together to do bigger and better projects, truly International, for B1A4 and have a combined following of more than 300,000 international BANA.  

Membership with BIU is free!  You will receive a membership card, so be sure your mailing address is correct.  However, we offer personalized membership cards with the purchase of our Official Membership Kit.  This kit also includes many official BIU items including our BIU bottle!  Our main goal in gathering members is to communicate easier with all International BANA who wish to join our projects.  This makes getting information to you so much easier, and allows you to know you won't miss a single update.  By clicking the button below, you will be taken to our member management site.  This site is only for member signup and updating, so don't worry about the lack of group information you might see :)

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Some of our partner Fan Clubs include:

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