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February 2017

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You can also now purchase Good Timing merchandise at https://squareup.com/store/biumerch and all proceeds will support this and future projects.

December 2016

B1A4 "A Lie" 2nd Win on Music Bank

B1A4 "A Lie" 1st Win on The Show

November 2016

One of the prettiest things I've ever seen, Naver chart at 6am KST day of release.

It's real!  It's happening!!!  B1A4 will comeback November 29th!  
IT'S TIME TO GET EXCITED!!! (and break out the wallets)

B1A4's 4th Official Membership opens up tonight, Nov 21st at noon KST!  Be sure to read carefully, visit our youtube channel and get instruction on how to purchase your 4th generation official membership!

October 2016

Word came out that Sandeul was doing his solo debut and we went into rush mode!  We were able to gather funds, in partnership with Prince Deul, and were able to do a Subway station ad to support Sandeul!  If you are in Korea, please visit Mangwon station, Exit 2 and tweet or Instagram a photo of yourself in front of the ad :)  UPDATE:  Today, Sandeul posted pics with the ad!  


August 2016

Please click the image to visit Baro's Birthday Project, The Legend of BatBaro!


B1A4 Official posted this picture of Jinyoung in front of the Support Rice Wreathe today... thank you Jinyoung!!  We were able to almost double our last support wreath and did an amazing 400kg of rice donation!  Thanks to everyone that participated and donated!!

July 2016

Please click the image to visit Gongchan's Birthday Project!

CNU Birthday Project - Malgeumi's Pack 

The CNU Birthday project is complete and was a total success!!!  We have worked with CARE in South Korea and have sponsored 20 dogs and will aid to get them adopted in South Korea!  Below is the Korean version (English will be posted soon) of the book that was printed and delivered to CNU for his birthday.  Thanks so much for everyone that supported this project!  We will make a huge difference in the lives of 20 animals that are considered "hard-to-adopt" in Korea and bring some well deserved happiness to them.

Exclusive interview with B1A4!!  Courtesy of CocaCola Chile and B1Addict Chile

April, 2016

This past month we completed THREE large projects.  The first was Sandeul's birthday book and donation project.  The donation was made to the animal shelter in Busan and they were very grateful for this donation!  

Second, we delivered food support to Sandeul's and CNU's musica, Three Musketeers!  This was our first time being able to finally offer up food support and CNU even posted a thank you pic, along with others from the cast posting pictures showing our food support and Official BIU bottle gifted to all 100 members of the cast and staff.

Lastly, and most importantly, we delivered the completed video to WM Entertainment along with gifts that BIU staff purchased and wrapped beautifully for our boys!!

You can see the video here:

BIU's B1A4 5th Anniversary Charity Documentary... by banaintlunited

March, 2016

Click! Starwars Support Project

Our boys of B1A4 have been so busy with appearances on variety shows, musicals, and radio shows that they are being talked about everywhere, but let's not forget to support them by voting!  Presently, they've maintained a solid foothold on Starwars.tf.co.kr and are ranked between 3 and 4 every week.  This is because there are a dedicated group of international and Korean BANA that vote every single day.  The process is simple, and here is a tutorial to create your own account!  Please join us every day and upvote them, Share on SNS, and post comments with photos.  Click the image below for more details (available in many languages).

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